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In the fickle world of online commerce, the only thing you can ever truly rely on is change: Change in how online brands are expected to interact with consumers, change in the technologies and trends that digital experiences are built on, change in how consumers behave, change in what customers want, and change in the […]
March 15, 2023 – New York, NY – BORN Group, a Tech Mahindra Company, is excited to announce the launch of Arctic Fox Composable Storefront (AFXCS), a new solution built on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Composable Storefront for headless commerce. Composable Storefront, as a platform, offers a universe of plug-and-play possibilities.  The Arctic Fox […]
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“Going green” is not a new trend. In today’s market, sustainability is table stakes. Consumers can choose from a myriad of sustainable, competitively priced, quality products – which often viewed as more desirable. In this post-pandemic world, a growing consumer base, especially Gen Z, expect businesses to participate in the world even more actively and […]
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Steeped in tradition, true luxury brands are admired for their dedication to incomparable quality and craftsmanship. They are leaders in white-glove customer service and bespoke shopping experiences. But to rise above the noise of today’s digital marketplace, they need to pair their rich heritage with the latest in digital innovation.       According to Statista, an estimated […]
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Shopping is a highly emotional experience. Studies reveal that emotional impulses drive up to 95% of purchasing decisions.1 The products and services we buy influence how we feel. As society emerges from the pandemic and online shopping continues to flourish, consumers desire a personalized shopping experience where they feel understood. In response, retailers must develop […]
Watch Video BORN’s Stella Framework The best way to conquer the stars is to be one. In 2020, BORN introduced Stella — a strategic framework designed to project your eCommerce solution out of this stratosphere. With Stella, brand strategy, behavioral data (across channels) and books of record (tech) work together harmoniously to deliver exceptional customer […]
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