B2B is shaking up the world of digital commerce, and we’re at the forefront to deliver the experiences users are looking for.

BORN is a digital transformation agency with many years of experience delivering successful B2C and B2B eCommerce implementations with award-winning creative and UI/UX for its clients around the world, covering every industry sector.  Over the course of many years BORN has worked with the leading enterprise eCommerce platforms with a focus on B2B commerce, as well as associated applications (i.e. OMS, CMS, PIM, etc.) – successfully designing, developing and launching hundreds of online flagship websites for leading brands around the world.

Market studies have shown that many B2B buyers say that poor product content (quality and accuracy) have stopped them from completing a purchase with suppliers.


A smooth customer experience is paramount, even in a seemingly standardized B2B purchase journey.

Our solution focuses on the various factors that are critical in enabling a consistent experience across various touch points for a B2B consumer. Our key B2B services include:
  • Personas/User Journeys
  • Content Creation & Strategy
  • Architecture based on customer need/maturity: Commerce-led, Content-led, Side-by-Side, Pure Headless
  • Customer: Organization Management, Budget, Cost Center Management
  • Custom Pricing: Quotes, Bulk Pricing
  • Payment: Invoice, Purchase Order, various payment options
  • Order Approval workflows, Credit Checks, Order Replenishment
  • Integrations:
    • Master Data Integration
    • Company and Customer Creation
    • ERP Order Simulation
    • Email Notifications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Personalization factory

Additional Services

Product Merchandising

B2B products are extremely complex and we have experience in working with HVAC, spare parts, consumer goods, and other products/industries.

  • Category, Product Restrictions
  • Multi-Dimensional Products
  • Product Review
  • Future Stock Availability
  • Variant Products

Regular B2B customers will search with Product ID, but a AI driven search that enables customer to find whatever they are looking for faster, including Auto Suggestions, Fuzzy & Partial Search and Faceted Search.

Notable Implementations
BORN implemented a one stop solution for Lennox that helped dealers to manage and close leads by streamlining lead acquisition and management processes which dramatically reduced human intervention and closely aligned with their overall business objectives.
North American Machine Tool Manufacturer
A sophisticated implementation for machine tool manufacturer – when a part of a client’s machine goes down, an automated email is sent and the unit is reordered and replaced. This was a vast improvement from the client’s previous system that consisted of multiple manual steps.
Nestle Starbucks
An innovative and efficient commerce and service experience for the Starbucks Branded Solutions customer by delivering a best-practice, extensible, global commerce framework leveraging an enterprise grade commerce platform and other key systems to amplify the growth of the online channel.
MHE-DEMAG (Malaysia)
First ever SAP CCV2 implementation in South East Asia. Launched B2B Commerce site in Malaysia.

B2B Accelerators


The first ever SAP qualified accelerator (template approach) for SAP Commerce Cloud. An Omni-channel commerce service framework built exclusively by BORN for SAP Commerce Cloud (B2B, B2C & Custom C2C).



A Magento commerce accelerator built by BORN with pre-coded extensions, B2B custom UX & UI features, and special B2B enhancements to essential functionalities.