BORN’s SAP Customer Experience Accelerator

Fly high with EAGLE.

EAGLE is the first-ever SAP-certified accelerator for SAP Customer Experience. Achieve faster time-to-benefit and ROI with rich features, up to 40% reduction in implementation cost, and go-live in half the time, without sacrificing quality.

SAP Customer Experience is a future-proof solution that businesses of every size around the world rely on. Customers benefit from a single eCommerce solution offering industry-specific capabilities with the ability to personalize the customer experience across all channels.


EAGLE gives a completely new look and feel to the standard SAP Customer Experience accelerator because it comes with pre-coded extensions, custom UX & UI best practices, and special enhancements essential to SAP Customer Experience functionalities. BORN actively maintains EAGLE and releases frequent updates, fixes, and new features to store owners. In addition, EAGLE is on the SAP Commerce Cloud solution and is fully scalable.

With EAGLE, your B2B or B2C online store is feature-rich, flexible, and needs minimal outside maintenance, allowing you to invest in the right platform for your present and future needs.

  • Custom High Fidelity Theme & UI Library
  • All Designs Responsive
  • Wish List
  • Customizable
  • Recommendations Engine
  • Product Search
  • Quick View
  • Social Login
  • Fully Automated Testing
  • Performance and Security Tested

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