BORN’s eCommerce Automation Test Suite

Our BEATS framework provides automation with agility, powered by AI.

BORN’s technology agnostic, BEATS framework, allows for script-less keyword-driven automation, powered by AI & ML with agility and configurable screen capture for every step, to make sure your commerce solution is always running to a tee. Our unique approach, which can adapt to any project, is comprehensive and allows for continued improvement over time through our 4-step program:

Step 1: Automation Regression Test plan & Estimation in parallel with Sprint 1 of Development

Step 2: Automation Test Script execution lags by 2 Sprints (depending on the complexity of the project)

Step 3: Execution of Spring 1 will start from Sprint 3 which is considered as Automation Sprint 1

Step 4: By mid-SIT all the automation scenarios to be ready for execution

Platform Agnostic
The same test scripts can be used across platforms, including Adobe Commerce, SAP Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and more.
Project Agnostic
The same test scripts can be utilized across multiple projects with minimum configuration and settings. Including object repository and configuration changes.
Clear Documentation
BORN provides screenshots of each step to assure each stage is recorded and assessed.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
We utilize AI to power content and cross browser testing.
We utilize script-less automation enabling our functional QA team to automate test cases.
Mobile Test Automation

Through our BEATS framework, we offer functional testing in Virtual Android and iOS devices. Our same test scripts developed for Desktop works for Android and iOS devices with minimal changes of test objects and properties.

In addition, BEATS can run on all mobile devices which are owned by BORN and mimicked through emulators.

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