Post-Production Services

Our work doesn’t end at launch. We offer post-production incident management, enhancements, infrastructure, website and app support, ensuring your digital solution is steadily evolving for peak functionality.

We work as an extension of your team, assuring your solution is running in peak condition, with incident management services on alert.

Our team members consist of experienced Project Managers and Development Engineers, equipped to handle ongoing development projects, no matter the level of complexity. Our service offerings include:

  • App support and incident management solutions/
  • Account planning & strategy guidance to maximize the value of the platform.
  • Technical new releases and resource planning.
  • Technical leadership for quality product management and architecture to support strategic objectives.
  • Digital Marketing experts to assess your current strategy and develop further conversion and engagement.
  • Project Management to deliver implementations and campaigns on time and on budget. 

How We Help

Post-Production Capabilities and Monitoring

We take advantage of state-of-the-art tools to create our service desk, document rules, customized alerts, and define Run books.

Key Services:

• Real time end-to-end monitoring
• False positives monitoring
• Monitoring tools with custom script creation to measure page load, add-to-cart, product display, successful login, and search functionality
• Resilience maps for 3rd party integrations and monitoring

Incident Management

We offer thorough processes in incident management to ensure timely responses, support, and resolutions.

Key Services:

• Setup JIRA service desk (or client’s software)
• Real time Monitoring, escalations, and alerts
• Run book
• Incidents managed by 24/7 team
• 3rd party integrations
• Triage for multiple types of incident
• ‘Severity 1’ incident interpreted war room response with developers, application engineers, and operational Managers
• Resolution time estimates

Infrastructure, Web Development, & App Support

Our application, infrastructure, and web development support services include end-to-end support solutions and processes for content and commerce websites.

In addition, we offer 24/7 capabilities with specialized and certified support engineers powering the help desk, which monitors our customers’ systems. This allows support needs to be met around the clock.


BORN’s eCommerce Automation Test Suite

BORN’s technology agnostic, BEATS framework, allows for script-less keyword-driven automation, powered by AI & ML with agility and configurable screen capture for every step, to make sure your commerce solution is always running to a tee.

Assurance Services

Considering and assessing your solution on a regular basis is critical to success. We have a variety of expert services including SEO and user experience services, analytics, roadmaps, periodic business reviews, and audits to ensure customer infrastructure is always compliant with best practices.

Release and Deployment Management

At BORN, we offer a continuous review of all infrastructure and application code to align with eCommerce best practices and market standards. In addition, we take advantage of an agile-based release process using scrums (~2 to 3-week cadence) for updates and enhancements to your web solutions.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

As we continue to monitor and evolve your solution, it’s critical we consider the planning and development of new features as your business evolves over time. In addition to running consistent bug fixes to ensure your system is running in peak condition, we offer an agile approach to ensure rapid and evolutionary enhancements.

We’re Flexible.

Change Management

During implementation, we expect there to be changes, modifications, and even removals along the way. Our change management process is built with the customer in mind as we can accommodate changes through our Change Advisory Board (CAB). We’ve instilled a change management process to ensure we have governance and control of our clients’ environments, whether in staging, production, or even live.

Types of Changes:

  • Planned releases
  • Patch
  • Schema changes in the database
  • Redirect changes
  • Configuration changes
  • Data updates
  • Scheduling jobs
Additional Services
Campaign/promotions, platform specific catalog creation and content updates.
SOX Audit
Review and audit controls, policies, and procedures as part of the evidences required for SOX.
Infrastructure Audit
Audit the platform infrastructure to ensure your infrastructure is running as efficiently as possible.
Front-end Audit
Plan, prepare, and perform performance testing on the site.
Back-end Audit
Code review and audit of the implementation.
UX Audit
Audit the UX experience and make recommendations for improvement.
Training & Enablement
Development of training plans, shadowing & mentoring, and facilitated workshops to develop client team in-house capabilities.
Performance Testing
Plan, prepare and perform performance testing on the site, and offer actionable insights as a result.
Holiday Preparedness
Audit site for holiday season based on projected peak traffic and make recommendations to maximize site performance.
Capture customer vision across commerce, content, and creative to prepare an actionable roadmap to enhance the customer experience.

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