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For over 100 years, AB InBev has made countless new connections and experiences built on a shared love of beer, representing over 500 brands from local brews to beloved classics to historic recipes.


Global beverage leader ABInBev sought a strong e-commerce partner to launch a new B2B sales initiative.


Roll out their new platform to 40 countries in 3 years, shift a significant volume of sales ordering online, and redirect sales reps’ time from administrative tasks to upselling and relationship management.

The majority of client data was stored on backend systems, requiring multiple middle-ware APIs to provide relevant data to the commerce platform. Each country had a unique set of stakeholders: integrations teams, business units, backend teams, marketing teams, and PMOs.

Global Transformation

BORN created a core codebase that could address 80% of all global features, reducing the development effort and bringing time to market for each new country down to 6-8 weeks. The commerce platform included localization for country-specific translations and currency.

Laying the framework

Thoughtfully crafted site architecture supported scalability for multiple countries on a single instance of commerce platform, reducing overhead.


ABinBev received accolades for “Best B2B Experience Site” at Magento’s Imagine Awards.