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Diesel S.p.A. is an Italian retail clothing company located in Breganze, Italy. They specialize in premium denim as well as clothing, footwear, and accessories. Their clothing line has two different labels: DIESEL and DIESEL Black & Gold.


The DIESEL and DIESEL Black & Gold product lines were previously marketed to their customer base separately and now had to coexist within one site. They wanted to update the overall visual design to fit with the new, modernized product direction and improve navigation of their vast collection.


Redesign into a single digital flagship. Enhance the content creation calendar to align the tone of voice across content and commerce while elevating product presentation. Streamline the checkout process and simplify access to customer service. Improve the denim product filtering capability and modernize the perception of the brand.


Having two brands live together on one site meant all brand communication, product presentation, and collaboration documentation had to be carefully considered. DIESEL needed a comprehensive design system that would support the architecture and product database.

Modular Development

BORN collaborated closely with DIESEL’s design team to create a library of modules for special offers and campaign pages, while also creating engaging and dynamic templates to support DIESEL’s growing array of collaborations.

A Seamless Experience

BORN provided UI and UX design as well as frontend and backend development to transform DIESEL’s digital flagship into a seamless, cohesive brand experience.

With the vast assortment of jeans, clothing, shoes, and accessories, had to leverage mobile-first design in order to deliver campaign content and product offers to a large number of users on a global scale.

Improving Engagement

Campaign images and content creation often become an afterthought when a brand implements a new commerce platform. In DIESEL’s case, their distinct tone of voice and powerful campaign imagery were amplified throughout the commerce funnel in order to actively re-engage the brand’s audience.

Increasing Sales

The new digital flagship successfully merged DIESEL’s dynamic image and video creation with their product offer. Improved filtering methods provided clarity to their vast denim and jeans assortment, leading to an increase in sales.

Acquiring New Customers

DIESEL’s content creation calendar also found a harmonic new context within their revamped digital flagship, exciting and engaging an expansive base of users and fans across the globe.