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Founded in 1912, OREO is an iconic brand found in homes across the globe. The brand has many enthusiasts who span generations and pass the memories from one to the next. Available in over 100 countries and managed by Mondelez International in the United States, OREO encourages its customers to find meaningful connections and to “Stay Playful”.


OREO needed to completely revamp its website, looking to combine the iconic brand story with an easy-to-personalize experience to allows users to create unique gifts. Prior to BORN’s digital overhaul, OREO had two sites – one for its brand, and one specifically for eCommerce. We sought to capture both aspects of these sites into one new digital flagship experience while deploying a personalization tool via OREO customization to attract new customers to the site.


The renowned cookie brand sought a strategic partner that could execute a complete 360° digital transformation spanning an eCommerce selection and implementation, unique personalization tools fit for their product along with complimentary content and UX. All in all, they strived to create a disruptor that would encourage their loyal consumers to complete their purchases directly online as opposed to in-store.


Traditionally, many CPG products are purchased in-store or within mass-retailer marketplaces online. OREO sought to redefine this structure by offering consumers an accessible and distinct way to interact with their brand that would encourage retention and loyalty.

BORN Approach

BORN offered a unique value proposition through their ability to connect eCommerce expertise, an understanding of third-party integration partners, and innovative content solutions that would maximize impact for OREO and provide a scalable model that would serve their growing business.

Customize Each Step

The new site features a bold and interactive design and UX that serves true to OREO’s motto, ‘Stay playful.’ Personalization plays a key role in this project with the OREOiD capability, powered by Doogma, that allows customers to create custom cookies, party favors, gifts, and more.

Uniquely Oreo

The fully customized flow begins with the selection of a creme color, then fudge, then sprinkles, then finally an uploaded photo and text, all while giving users the ability to see the changes made in real-time with a visual rendering.

Creating the Experience

OREO’s gifts are beautifully packaged, with a personalized touch, ideal for any festive occasion. Now users can shop their favorite OREO brand online, wrapped up in gift packs to suit all of their personal and professional gifting needs.

Telling the Right Story

The OREO site is a groundbreaking feat of personalization paired with a powerful digital stack that will empower their users for years to come.

Delivering on the Vision

Launched within a 4-month discovery-to-launch timeline, BORN was able to deliver an eCommerce implementation powered by Magento, an integrated CRM tool, along with a full site redesign and unique features.

Long-term Outcome

Following the launch of OREO’s new site, we saw a record number of sales with users taking advantage of the unique features. In addition, the new site has received national attention with press from multiple outlets including Adweek, Delish, Today, and more, highlighting the distinct design, solution and user experience.