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Part of the Nestlé portfolio, Purina is the second-largest pet food company globally. The largest in the US. Purina subsidiary, Just Right is a personalized dog food brand that helps cultivate unique blends for your pet.


Just Right came to BORN to embark upon a completely new experience for users, which required branding, highly-personalized elements, and eCommerce execution via Magento.


Just Right sought to create a new direct-to-consumer eCommerce solution, expanding their dog food portfolio into a new unsaturated market for personalized pet food.


One of the unique challenges that emerged when building the site was cultivating new branding guidelines under tight time constraints. By collaborating with the Just Right team, BORN worked hand-in-hand to carefully iterate branding gaps for the site and create a new user experience.

Exceptional Personalization

Just Right’s personalized journey begins with the ‘create a blend’ capability which allows users to fulfill 81 custom algorithms spanning dog size, age, weight, body condition, activity level, skin type and more, to generate the ideal blend for your pet.

Cultivating Individual Relationships

The ‘create a blend’ functionality allows users to upload a photo of their pet and view a real-time rendering of how their bag will appear. In addition, the text below your pet will update to their name.

Focused Variables

Following detailed questions and the image upload, users have the opportunity to review their details and revisit any fields they’d like to alter. Finally, the user is led to the path of purchase giving them the opportunity to add to cart.

Headless Experience

The Just Right site is powered by a headless, or side-by-side experience that allows users to interact with the front end of the site and then complete their transaction through Magento. This strategy allows for flexibility, ease-of-use, and scalability for Just Right.


The Just Right site captures personalization and superior customer experience–empowering the user at every touchpoint and guiding them to make the best choices for their pet.

Building Over Time

In addition to site functionality, BORN built upon the Just Right solution with brand guidelines, and continuous optimization surrounding the brand’s master data and algorithms.

Long-Term Impact

Just Right experienced an immediate surge in orders placed in the first week of go-live. In addition, the brand is well on its way to surpassing its previous site benchmark. BORN Group continues to support and facilitate expansion through their post-production services offerings.