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Three UK is one of the largest British telecommunications and internet service providers. The brand is committed to making mobile better for all and prides itself on challenging the status quo, delivering firsts, and offering the best value.


Three UK’s mission of building the best network and improving access for everyone fueled the decision to work with our team. The telecommunications brand sought a partner to streamline their billing processes and improve the experience for customers.


To optimize and simplify the existing complex billing system while also offering new features and functionalities for customers. Eliminate tedious processes and ensure each customer had one unique ID that was consistent across all billing systems.


Three UK’s systems were proving detrimental to their business. Customers were receiving complex, incorrect, and inconsistent bills across channels, collection of payment was often delayed due to a high incidence of invoice queries, and key compliance regulations were not being met.

Strategy and Insight

Connecting the disjointed systems while improving the CX became the key mission throughout our engagement. We introduced a number of unique features, such as interactive bills with an integrated audit invoice check, which ensured accuracy of customer bills and ultimately saved the brand time in customer service.


Our team implemented a robust solution that leveraged automated technologies. The refund process, compliance checks, billing generation, and invoice queries were all automated.


Three UK’s solution came together by simplifying the billing systems with one unique ID. Account reconciliation and automation were the blueprint for an integrated system, which allowed for omnichannel real-time integration, standardized bill formats for all products and services, and improved accuracy of customer billing information.

Long-Term Value

Our implementations achieved a number of performance improvements, including a 4% revenue uplift, 5 point improvement in Net Promoter Scores (NPS), 10% reduction in customer queries, 4% reduction in credit issuances, and a 10% increase in Precision Time Protocol (PTP) adherence.