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Customer Experience (Cx)

Service Design


Vodafone Group is a British telecommunications company with global presence. It’s New Zealand operations set multiple milestones in the country, including being the first to introduce 3G as a service in 2005. Today, the giant covers 98.5% of the population with 4G services accessible to over 96% of the country.


CX is regarded as one of the major strategic pillars for Vodafone in New Zealand, yet there were over 26 customer journeys with various teams producing these journeys. As a result, there were silos within the organization, a lack of universal standards, and an inconsistent approach to service design – which we were tasked with standardizing.


Our goal was to streamline and improve Vodafone’s CX standards, as well as their operational experience and service functionality. We were to define the experience, create a baseline, and extend a standardized customer journey format across the organization.

Strategy and Insight

We combined insight-driven CX and strategy frameworks to deliver the best outcomes. Our agile delivery process involved two-week sprints that allowed for continuous delivery and improvements.


Combining strategy, customer research, and behavioral science, our team redefined Vodafone NZ’s service design as well as its customer journey approach and format.


Our accelerator methodologies delivered a customer-centric approach at speed. Vodafone NZ was able to apply a catalog of behavioral nudges to review their current user journeys.

Long-Term Value

Vodafone NZ is now in a leading position for the best in design standards. This initiative promoted ownership and utilization of customer insights to create a shared understanding across the business.