Content Strategy

As a creative agency and consultancy, we harness content as a magnet to captivate audiences through transformative copywriting, digital marketing, and video production.

Profitability depends on how you engage your customers.

At BORN, we are a creative content agency that understands the importance of engaging customers to grow your business profitability. Originally a prepress company serving the UK’s biggest publishers, we have adapted to the ever-changing content marketing landscape and now provide comprehensive marketing services to help customers succeed in a borderless, digitally-and-physically connected world.

Delivering living, breathing content that evolves with your users.

BORN creates engaging, consumer-focused content. 

We create engaging assets that are linked to your brand’s content strategy, enabling our UX & Design teams to produce award-winning creative assets that flex across devices and channels seamlessly. 

Key Services

  • Creative Ideation
  • Creative Asset Production
  • Large Scale Pre- & Post-Production
  • Experience Delivery
  • Content Workflow Management
  • Physical & Digital Experience Design
  • Content Sourcing & Management
  • Integration & Dynamic Delivery


Content Management Suite

Cito is an award-winning suite of tools that delivers end-to-end marketing, campaign management, and editorial solutions through a secure multi-tiered front end, comprehensive reporting dashboards, and 24/7 support.

Content Outlets
Print Media
Consumer and Trade Magazines, Brochures, Posters and In-Store Inserts.
Outdoor Media
Outdoor (OOH): Billboard, POS, and Retail
Broadcast Media
TV & Second Screen production
Digital production
eMagazines & eBooks, Website/Microsite/Intranet, Social media posts/Advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat), SMS, Pay-per-click, Email, Podcast, Blogs, User Generated Content (UGC) and Micro-content

Content Services

Content Consultancy

Providing recommendations around your content, workflows, processes, technology, and resources to deliver optimum efficiencies.

Content Audit

Through our auditing process, we highlight overall inconsistencies within your current content, review on site SEO, and provide a Gap Analysis to identify missing or redundant content.

Content Strategy Exploration

Our exploration provides recommendations for content specifically tailored to each customer touchpoint–mapping your personas’ needs to the channels they prefer, and the content or stories they are likely to engage with.

Content Production

BORN can create and curate any type of content, encompassing still or moving images, copywriting, and translation services. The full scope of BORN production services span all off-and online channel requirements, encompassing AR/VR and AI/ML technologies.

Additional Services

Print Readiness & Retouching

Consultancy: BPR Analysis, Content Inventory/Audit and Strategy
Management: Production, Studio, Project, Account, Campaign/Advertising, DAM/CMS/CDP, Color Management, Creative Retouching, Motion Graphics/CGI, Scanning

Photography & Video

Artistic & Creative Direction
Prop Sourcing & Set Building
Hair & Makeup
Photography: Product (Still & 360), Fashion, Lifestyle, Location, Studio Hire
Video: Fashion, Editorial, Location, Voiceover

Copywriting & Translation

Copywriting (Technical/Creative)
OCR/Text Formatting
SEO: Metadata/Taxonomy
Creative Development

Digital & Print Design

Creative Development
Graphic Design
Technical Art-working (Page & POS/OOH)
Digital Advertising/Banner Ads (Static/Interactive)
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Perigord, a BORN Partner to BORN’s packaging solution

We specialize in artwork production of all types.

Perigord covers six core disciplines with one shared vision: to provide best-in-class supply chain solutions to the Life Science industry. Each of their teams offers expertise and experience across creative, marketing, packaging artwork, labeling, and software. Their service tech enablement delivers standardized processes, drives efficiency, speeds up go-to-market implementations, and most importantly, reduces client cost base.


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