Factory of the Future
Our bespoke Factory of the Future solution empowers clients to innovate.

Our Factory of the Future (FoF) solution empowers clients to adopt evolving technologies and helps overcome the traditional problem of visibility across the plant and enterprise. At its core, FoF focuses on automation & robotics, quality throughput, higher utilization, flexible manufacturing lines, reduced time-to-market, and higher visibility across other enterprise applications like MES, SCM, and ERP.

Plant Simulation analyzes and optimizes the manufacturing process using simulation to relieve bottlenecks and maximize throughput. Process Simulation is the virtual validation of a production plant to optimize and commission complex manufacturing process
Condition Based Monitoring involves using sensors to measure the status of an asset over time while it is in operation. The data collected can be used to establish trends, predict failure, and calculate the remaining life of an asset
Predictive Maintenance helps to predict machine failure by analyzing critical machine data and reduce unplanned downtime. Hands-free maintenance provides instructions & procedures with improved visualization for hands-free maintenance and repairs using Augmented Reality
Virtual reality provides an immersive experience to train employees in a more engaging way & allows for better skills transfer and provides real-world experience without real-world risk
Architecture assessment toolkit to identify current digital maturity level of manufacturing plant & create an approach plan for Industry 4.0 initiatives

FoF Lab

Leveraging our expertise in engineering services, we see FoF as a leading solution for manufacturers.

The FoF lab helps with  quicker implementation of PoC, ultimately reducing time-to-market for our clients.

The lab focusses on six technology areas including Digital Manufacturing, Automation 2.o, VR/AR, Connected Machines, Blockchain, Analytics, Industrial Cybersecurity, and 5G Wireless.

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