Mobility, Sharing & CX

Transforming the customer experience with analytics and personalization.

A digital customer expects a connected experience across the entire brand lifecycle.

We help OEMs, NSCs, and dealerships to improve sales productivity, conversion ratio, market share, social traffic, brand recall, NPS, and customer conversion by transforming the customer experience.


Customer Benefits

– Simple and interactive e-booking process through an interactive car configurator.
– Roadside assistance and breakdown assistance ensure customers are one click away from the service center.

Dealer Benefits

– Smart omnichannel notifications for an enhanced customer engagement journey without manual intervention.
– Interactive and guided test drive scheduling process.
– Effective communication, feedback, and analytics keep customers close to OEM, enabling a smooth order conversion.
– Higher cross-sell up-sell of services and products.

OEM Benefits

– Effective management of supply chain challenges avoid upsetting business trends.
– Improved and streamlined dealer onboarding process.
– Optimized dealership footprint and improved sales per store.
– Better empowerment and efficiencies for customer-facing employees.
– Improved customer lifetime value for connected cars.
– Ease of car resale, stock transfer, enhanced price management, geo-fencing enabling OEM to meet customer’s shifting demands with minimal resources.

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