Wireless & Secure Factory

Our solution for Wireless & Secure Factory powered by Wired/5G/Wi-Fi 6, SD WAN, Cybersecurity and Edge.

There are 14.5 million industrial establishments worldwide.

Together, they hold more than a billion assets worth $4.5 trillion. Industry 4.0 is creating an opportunity to optimize these assets, however, only 3 percent of the factory data is used for Industry 4.0 use cases. One of the top reasons for this underuse of data is a lack of an adequate and reliable industrial network infrastructure.

The customer ask: upgrade factory infrastructure, give future proof architecture, reduce the cost of the network (Ethernet, MPLS), make it wireless & clean technology, with the ability to reach remote places, and sustain the industrial environment of a factory.

Our Solution

The factory of the future, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and remote monitoring have already started to transform the manufacturing supply chain.

The next key step in the journey toward Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing is to industrialize these solutions. The key component in achieving the factory of the future is in the network infrastructure, which acts as the backbone and is the single biggest factor for empowering the manufacturing process.

We believe millions of industrial establishments will move towards wireless networking technology (Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, 5G) and deploying improved wired networks across different layers in the manufacturing IT/OT space. Factory equipment holds a great deal of meaningful data. This data is the key to any successful Industry 4.0 project. It must be collected from multiple sources and delivered to the right application simultaneously; otherwise, little optimization can happen.

Our wireless-secure factory solution combines each of these aspects to provide our clients with a fully wireless and secure factory.

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