BORN Group is redefining the future of pharma through digital transformations, packaging, and customer-centric services that prioritize well-being.

Accelerating breakthroughs and delivering innovation.

Pharmaceutical companies are undergoing a significant digital transformation. They must be nimble to meet ever-shifting regulations and disruptions in their dynamic industry. We provide a range of pharma digital solutions to support them. We empower our clients in the life science space to accelerate breakthroughs, deliver innovation, and improve patient outcomes.

Pharmaceutical Services
Automates repeatable and complex tasks to help reduce human efforts and improve the efficiency of case processing and regulatory submissions for Pharmacovigilance.
An AI/ML-based solution used for accurate prognosis and optimization of the treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) and personalized medicine.
Integrated Rural Health
Coordinating care for helping people manage chronic conditions & achieve better health, reducing expensive acute care episodes.

Patient Support Program

Pharmaceutical companies lose over $637 billion a year due to non-adherence of medication. Our Patient Support Program is designed to help keep patients on track through clinical support, delivery services, patient counseling, refill reminders, and adverse event management to increase company revenues and consumer quality of life.

Unified Request Management System

Our B2B expertise lends itself well in connecting business to the provider. We understand how to deliver unified request management and platform that can simplify the process of making reagents available for scientific research and drug development.

Artwork and Pack Management

Decisions worth billions of dollars are made by consumers based on the packaging of pharmaceutical products. Even a single recall can set a company back $5 million in revenue. That’s why we’ve created a distinct packaging solution that both reduces product recalls and ensures when they are made, it is at a lower cost.

IDMP Compliance

Through our integrated application, we can assess, collect, and review mass data and information seamlessly to achieve IDMP regulatory compliance at an accelerated rate, allowing for faster launches and improved efficiencies.

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Human-Centered Design

Making cognitive science work. We place the human being at the center of much of our work.
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Data Science & Experience (Dx)

Instill data-driven intelligence across the organization to accelerate performance.
Data Science & Experience (Dx)

Business Process Operations

Our BPOs digitalize existing processes using state-of-the-art technology, helping in improving efficiency, reducing time and cost.
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