Business Process Operations

BORN is an agency and consultancy innovating business process operations, helping world-class organizations unlock the potential in their productivity.

BORN offers business process solutions to aid functions in the front, middle, and back-office.

At the intersection of technology and customer experience lie offerings that prioritize customer needs to solve problems, making their experiences seamless across channels.

These services digitalize existing processes using state-of-the-art technology, helping in improving efficiency, reducing time and cost, increasing visibility and traceability, and delivering measurable business impact.

Digital CX Management

From design that simplifies communication, automation that reduces redundant and time-consuming human effort, to content that is powerful, real-time descriptive, and diagnostic, and predictive analytics that make decision-making easier, our Digital CX capabilities cover everything today’s leading organizations need.


Robotic Process Automation simply takes your time-consuming, predictable, repetitive, and redundant tasks and introduces technology to do them for you. It saves you money, time, and effort while reducing errors and gathering data to monitor and analyze customer behavior.

We offer business process mapping and back-office and front-office solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce human intervention where unnecessary. 


Current digital systems worldwide have created enormous amounts of data, most of which go unused by companies. Expertise in assessing data and generating relevant insights out of it is foundational to any business’s growth.

We offer data science and analytics solutions to enable and optimize demand planning, customer engagement, forecasting, pricing, tax compliance, risk assessment, and more. The host of tools and solutions for analytics tailored to each sector allow our customers to extract solid insights from data.

Our Solutions

Business process solutions that foster efficiencies and bolster productivity.

Work at Home

Build management solutions for corporate culture-backed remote work.


Geographic Information System

Leverage digital mapping to solve real-world problems.


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Post-Production Services

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