Supply Chain
Strengthen the entire supply chain with real-time end-to-end visibility.

We leverage IoT, blockchain, and RFID technologies to provide an enriched real-time perspective across the entirety of the supply chain.

Enabled through cloud platforms and proprietary applications, retail and consumer brands can achieve efficiency and effectiveness to deliver a superior customer experience and a more robust and dynamic business.

Supply Chain Visibility
Acquire real-time information on product, stock, orders, and deliveries with an end-to-end blockchain-based visibility platform
IoT and blockchain-enabled digital platform that enables real-time visibility, traceability, and condition monitoring of products
A blockchain-enabled platform that allows collaborative and guided product recall management, addressing the problem from initiation to closure
Digital Fleet Management
IoT and cloud-enabled digital platform for vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior, container condition, and location monitoring
Warehouse Analytics
Advanced analytics to improve warehouse efficiency and fulfillment performance
Transportation Analytics
Analytics to improve transportation efficiency and delivery performance
Store Inventory
Gain real-time status of inventory in-store to improve the overall consumer experience
Stock Check & Traceability
The RFID-based solution that enables taking store stock and item tracing in minutes
Central Inventory
Gain a central view on inventory connected to all systems without having to replace your existing system
Waste Management
Gain insight and recommendations around recycling and re-use of waste as generated by store

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