BORN Group’s emerging 5G and IT solutions, products, and services are powering the future of connectivity and telecommunications.

Imagine, Build, and Run the networks of the future, today.

With many years of working with the giants that dominate the Telecommunications, Network, and Communications space, it’s no surprise we consider ourselves to be leaders in the 5G era.

We work with the top Wireless Telco companies and 7 of the top 10 Network and Communication leaders. Our comprehensive suite of solutions runs the full gamut of connected services, from Digital BSS to omnichannel commerce integrations. In addition to our technical expertise, we place a strong emphasis on user research and design, allowing us to create thoughtful experiences for our customers. Whether you need telecom IT solutions or 5G solutions, we’re here to help you imagine, build, and run the networks of the future.

Connecting customers in ways never imagined

We provide a range of services that enable enterprises to establish private wireless networks
Common platforms; analytics at scale; model-driven, microservices-based solutions with full interlocking API connectivity
Digital BSS
Digital customer experience; market place enablement; AI-led operations
Unassisted Channels
Award-winning customer experience (CX) design; portals of scale for B2B and B2C segments
Assisted Channels
Human-centered, award-winning Service Experience (SX) design; multi-package support
Commerce Solutions
Partner-based and TechM microservices-based commerce
BackOffice BSS
Support of all back office processes
Orchestration & Operations
Policy-driven and cloud-native closed loop systems and processes services

Industry Services

Enterprise NaaS and Virtual & Open RAN

We utilize Enterprise Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), which allows corporations to reduce CapEx, and uplift network ecosystems. We provide Virtual & Open RAN solutions enabling virtualization of LTE networks, allowing for flexible, agile, and cost-effective networks.

Cloud Transformation and 5G Labs Services

Leveraging managed cloud operations (mCOPS), we enable seamless management on a highly available and persistent cloud environment allowing resource optimization and reduced spend.

Levers and 4G / 5G Core Network Services

Our security, infrastructure, and dynamic network services allow us to enable a multitude of solutions. Our portfolio of network services provides ideal solutions across the network lifecycle, reducing CapEx and OpEx, increasing system agility, and enabling new revenue streams.

Data & Analytics

We mine and analyze data from different streams across the organization, aiding clients as they progress through their data journey. This accrued data and analytics help drive immense change and optimization, driving new value for the organization.

Prepare for tomorrow’s challenges today with industry-leading services that optimize profitability.

Service Design

Informed decisions from evidence-based research help us meet customers anywhere with thoughtful and delightful experiences.

AI & Personalization

At the heart of trustworthy, human-connected automation are experts that understand the human/digital behavior void.


Loyalty Management

Managing loyalty and customer connection are integral to winning over today’s ever-changing customer. We develop in-depth B2B and B2C buyer personas to determine the best approaches to interact, engage, and retain customers. Our mobility and loyalty solutions ready businesses for the needs of tomorrow.


Innovation Workshops

We innovate efficiently from an informed baseline having worked with the world’s largest MVNO Telcos.



BlueMarble is TechM’s omnichannel Commerce, Product Catalog and Order Management solution. Incredibly versatile, it supports TMForum OpenAPI interfaces for integration with all channel applications and existing IT systems. It uses a modular architecture for flexible adaptations to individual business needs.

BlueMarble Product Catalog offers a complete Product, Services and Resources catalog with sophisticated product rules. It covers all aspects of telco product portfolios, including integration with 3rd party services.

BlueMarble Commerce offers a complete headless solution creating a 360° customer view, persistent shopping cart, product qualification and order capture. It features high-performance sales rules evaluation and validation.

BlueMarble Order Management is a solution with pre-defined workflows for mobile, fixed, cable and 3rd party services orders.

Flexible technology solutions that translate to experiences that matter.

Our practice supports leading telecommunications platforms.

Amdocs, SAP, Salesforce, Aria, Adobe, Oracle, Nokia, Mavenir, Altiostar, Microsoft, AWS, Google, Matrixx, BMC, Innoeye, Ciena, K2View, Microfocus, PEGA, Ericsson, Evergent, and Cloud Sense.

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Building intuitive, useful and accessible eCommerce solutions that power the transaction.

Customer Experience (CX)

CX is a key differentiator in commerce, and its mastery is something we consider essential in the new digital economy.
Customer Experience (CX)

Technology Strategy

Technology strategy is key in creating a full end-to-end solution.
Technology Strategy