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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Delivering human-centered design in health and wellness.
Driving healthcare change across the entire ecosystem.

More than ever, we need innovative healthcare experiences that encourage healthy behaviors, improve outcomes, and reduce costs. At BORN, we use human-centered design, behavioral science, and applied data to discover insights that have the power to drive healthcare change across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Our healthcare digital transformation models span across different segments and take a human-centered approach to help patients, doctors, hospitals, organizations, communities, and brands.

Industry Offerings

Healthcare Provider Expertise

We’re proud to have one of the longest standing practices in the industry with solutions that enhance the efficiency of physicians, hospitals, ancillary facilities, clinics, and governmental health bodies and public health organizations.


Our MedTech practice is a partner of choice for global industry majors. We develop next-generation products and technologies through strong domain capabilities in end-to-end medical product development solutions and sustenance engineering support.


Our telemedicine solution helps bridge the gaps in healthcare delivery by providing these services digitally. We have ample experience in building out digital applications with telemedicine capabilities.


We’ve built a successful emergency management and public safety platform to provide integrated emergency response IT solutions across a population of over 850 million.

Using insights to power more efficient solutions in healthcare.

We drive a cohesive and comprehensive workplace culture that captures every stage and strategy in the digital transformation. Some components of our diligence include our expertise in infrastructure libraries (ITIL/ITSM), technology businesses, management (TBM), agile, and change management.
We utilize cutting-edge automation trends to power our operations in healthcare and beauty, with specialties in robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business process services.
We command a broad understanding of managed services and providing legacy support, including app rationalization, managed services, system upgrades, legacy application support, population health, and portfolio application management.
Building a robust, secure, and scalable digital infrastructure set requires a deep understanding of all the parts and pieces that come together to build that foundation. This includes interoperability (API, FHIR, HL7), cybersecurity, Workplace as a Service (WaaS), telecom/wifi/network optimization, data center hosting/optimization, cloud transformation, disaster recovery & continuity, remote technical support, 5G design & implementation, and service desk & field operations.
Actively utilizing data to unleash the most of your business ensures a scalable approach. At BORN, we review a few analytics options for your brand, such as business intelligence, remote report writing, data warehouse/lakes, analytics as a service, and customer insights.
The best builds begin with an effective strategy that ensures a scalable architecture and a sense of design thinking that captures growth. Some strategic frameworks we like to review include organizational design, operating models, enterprise architecture, and strategic plan creation.
Product Development
The ability to leverage your product effectively is an essential component of a healthcare digital transformation model. Some factors in healthcare product development that we have a proven track record in deploying include medical equipment product development, innovation labs, joint ventures, asset monetization, and testing services.
Physical Design
We have detailed experience in user research, concept/video prototypes, design development, product design, architecture design, virtual reality, design language, landscape, and schematic design.
Digital Design
Digital design is one of our strong suits across verticals, and we can especially highlight our talents in regards to the healthcare cycle. We pride ourselves in our skill with commerce and content, with expertise in user personas, wireframes, digital prototype, CMS development, and eCommerce development.
Model for Industry Standard Adherence
Intervention design based on research in medication adherence across several therapeutic areas.
Patient Literacy Guidelines
We assist in content creation for guidelines adapted from government standards.

Perigord, a BORN Partner

Solutions for The Life Sciences Industry

Perigord covers six core disciplines with one shared vision: to provide best-in-class supply chain solutions to the Life Science industry. Each of their teams offers expertise and experience across creative, marketing, packaging artwork, labeling, and software. Their service tech enablement delivers standardized processes, drives efficiency, speeds up go-to-market implementations, and most importantly, reduces client cost base.


The HCI Group, a BORN Partner

Healthcare IT Consulting and Technology Solutions

The HCI Group is a leader in healthcare digital transformation. Their mission is to improve healthcare globally pairing innovation, design thinking, and cost optimization, to power their enterprise clients. With a proven end-to-end transformation model, based on years of experience, they’re able to offer seamless experiences for clients, spanning; application, infrastructure, culture, and analytics services. 

The HCI Group

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Cohesive Design Thinking




Content and Creative

Experience Management


Cigna offers Medicare and Medicaid products as well as health, life and accident insurance coverages primarily to individuals in the U.S. and selected international markets. Cigna engaged with Mad*Pow, our sister agency under the TechMahindra umbrella, for this transformation.


Ranked #13 in the Fortune 2020 500 list of largest US corporations by total revenue, Cigna is a healthcare giant that sought out a site redesign to better serve their users.


Cigna sought to completely revamp the user experience of the site, focusing on developing a set of best practices that kept accessibility and health literacy in mind.


During discovery, we learned that inconsistent style guides and a decentralized design process led to a site that lacked cohesive design. The designs had previously been created based on the internal organization’s preferences, rather than the user’s needs.

Optimizing SEO

We collaborated with Cigna’s internal SEO team to define keywords and optimize content for organic traffic.


Accessible, intuitive, and entirely user-centric.


We developed a single set of UX design guidelines before putting them into practice and rebuilding the site. We rewrote Cigna’s content across the site for improved readability, accessibility, and consistent tone and voice.

Long-Term Value

Cigna’s revamped site saw an increase of 132% of organic site traffic, as well as an improved user experience.