Behavioral Experience (Be)

In our behavioral design practice, we analyze the ways people engage and transact in their daily lives across all channels – from retail stores, events and print, to web, mobile, social, and gaming.

Leveraging behavioral science to create seamless experiences.

A seamless omnichannel experience is the holy grail for consumer brands. But to create an experience people love, brands need to understand and respond to the motivations that drive a consumer to act.

BORN seizes these motivations to design connected customer journeys based on behavioral science across digital and physical channels. We understand how these channels can harmonize to accelerate target audience’s journey, ensuring a smooth experience across every touchpoint that increases conversion.

Commerce Enablement

Our commerce platforms offer valuable behavioral functionalities, such as most popular product & services and cart abandonment insights. To create behavioral experience, we offer Commerce Lead, Side-by-Side and Headless Commerce options across all major platforms, including Adobe, BigCommerce, Elastic Path, SAP, Salesforce, and more.


Behavioral Marketing

Drive sales through behavioral marketing strategy and channels. BORN partners with clients to build and execute a comprehensive digital strategy based on audience segmentation and consumer behaviors. Anticipate and meet customer needs across SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, retarget ads, email marketing, and more.

Digital Marketing

Design Thinking and UX Design

We develop a deep understanding of the target consumer to guide the design of human-centered products and services. Through empathy-led problem solving we are able to create data-driven, configurable store experiences that cross the physical and digital divide.

The Physical Experience

We harmonize the physical experience with the digital to tap into a consumer’s spoken and unspoken needs, ensuring they enjoy the best CX possible. Personalized service and fulfillment options remain at the top of customer expectations in any digital-physical offering.

Behavior Change Design

Behavior Change Design integrates a broad set of practices based on behavioral, organizational, decision science, motivational psychology, and human-centered design. We achieve effective engagement through target behavior identification and continued testing.

Content Management Systems

An intelligent CMS helps brands deliver engaging content and personalizes the experience based on customer preferences and history. Help customers find products quicker through AI and reduce cart abandonment with CMS solutions from leading platforms.

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