Research & Experience Strategy

The north star for the industry.

Creating a memorable and transformational brand experience is no easy feat.

A successful digital solution requires research and strategy to create a purpose-driven customer experience. At BORN, we combine technology, business transformation along with research & experience to create a user-centered solution. We specialize in:

  • User Research & Testing
  • Market Research & Competitive Reviews
  • Behavioral Profiling & Analysis
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Brand Identity & Tone of Voice
  • UX & UI Concept Visualization
  • Experience Management

User Research

Innovation, empathy, and a user-centered approach grounded in rigorous scientific research.

Our research practice helps companies develop a deeper understanding of what motivates your target audience—and testing helps spark new innovations and validate solutions. We have access to a full-service, state-of-the-art research facility with a study space and observation room that supports user interviews, usability studies, eye tracking, accessibility evaluations, mobile testing, biometrics tracking, and more.

Sample User Research Activities

Usability Studies

Observe and monitor users going through your site/tool/app in order to identify opportunities for improvement and inspire creative solutions.

Participatory Design

Collaborative workshopping with target audience members to build empathy and uncover how to deliver value.

Eye Tracking

Following where people actually look and how they navigate when interacting with ads, mobile, desktop, and more.

Accessibility Evaluation

Evaluating a solution for accessibility best practices, section 508 requirements compliance, and general inclusion.

Experience Strategy

We create meaningful customer experiences by connecting business goals with a design strategy.

When your customers engage with products and services, they have an experience that can make or break your organization. Our Experience Strategy & Design team helps you design and deliver these experiences to ensure they are meaningful and valuable to your user.


Sample Experience Strategy Activities

Journey Mapping & Service Blueprints

Outline the emotional, operational, and technical relationships to identify end-user pain points and opportunities.

Behavioral Archetypes & Personas

Understand the behavioral motivations and barriers to your customer’s experience.

Co-Design Workshops

Engage end-users as co-creators. They help design products and services best suited to serve their needs while also delivering business value.

Multi-Touchpoint Experience Audits

Evaluate the current state of an existing experience from front and backstage perspectives.

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