Work at Home (WAH)

Prepare your business during a time of rapid disruption and new realities.

Our Work at Home (WAH) solution is designed to prepare your business and maintain your workflow in the face of any crises.

Virtual Training

The virtual training that surrounds our Work at Home solution is built on an advanced instructional design that leverages adult learning concepts. It aims to convert existing brick and mortar curriculum into fully remote eLearning, by providing in-house virtual training via designers and instructors, as well as an interactive and live delivery of classroom style training.


The recruiting that builds our WAH models is through a geographically distributed hiring model, creating a global footprint able to provide local WAH support for an array of languages and skillsets. That level of recruitment enables a robust virtual worker screening process, ensuring you can hire and train effectively online.

Workforce Management

WAH is powered by a flexible scheduling model that appeals to employees’ work-life balance. By leveraging a combined part-time/full-time staffing model, WAH ensures a maximum tenure and flexibility to achieve higher levels of net productivity.

Cost Savings
By using at-home workers you’re able to avoid building or renting new facilities, allowing you to lower overall contact center costs.
Flexibility & Ability to Meet Demand Curves
By bringing home-based workers online quickly, we’re able to better respond to changing demand on a daily or seasonal basis, without hiring for peak hours.
Ability to Target Unique Skillsets
By leveraging a geographically distributed hiring model, we are able to significantly expand our hiring footprint which enables us to target very specific talents and skillsets that could not be obtained from a traditional site location.
Improved Efficiencies
Our WAH programs utilize part-time schedules that contain multiple start & stop times within the same day, which provides a better staffing solution for erratic call traffic and leads to improved efficiency.
Business Continuity
Employing remote agents allows us to be nimble and responsive in keeping the business going in the face of a natural disaster or other crisis. When a crisis does occur, calls can be quickly routed to WAH programs.

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