Cito is our proven, revolutionary content production tool that saves customers time and money while driving deeper engagement with audiences.

An end-to-end solution for your content management needs.

Cito is a fusion of technologies from BORN and CanvasFlow, a fresh and dynamic mobile-first publishing agency. This award-winning suite of tools delivers end-to-end marketing and editorial workflow solutions, through a secure multi-tiered front end, encompassing comprehensive reporting dashboards and 24/7 support.


The result is a highly responsive mobile content distribution solution capable of streamlining often complicated production workflows – delivering content to print, web, app, and social channels.


• Cito product suite (publish, ARK, flow & manage)
• End-to-end workflow transparency
• Web-based, easy setup, user-friendly, responsive
• Print production toolset
• Publication administration & collaboration tools
• Content Management: tagging, ingestion, search, sharing
• HTML, web-based future-proofing, customizable solution
• Adobe API

Secure Digital Asset Transfer
Timer-based count down interface, with ability to manage work packets through embedded metadata tags or free-type instructions.
Digital Asset Management
Integrated and customizable DAM solution, Automatic/manual metadata tagging of images, Search functionality and Permissions based access.
Editorial Page Management
Integrated digital publishing solution, Secure, tiered, permissions access and rights, Soft proofing tools, Full version control and Device and platform agnostic.
Artworking & Production Workflow
Live production status tracking, Ability to integrate with other systems, Pre-flight checking as a standard and Automated final delivery of approved files.
Advertising & Campaign Management
Integrated preflighting tool, Fully customizable size parameters for different publications, No plug-ins required and Ability to submit adverts directly into Publish, or forward to final destination.
Soft Proofing Solution
Integrated soft proofing tool with the ability to review, annotate and approve images, advertisements, or pages, Permissions based access with full audit trail.
Digital Magazine Solution
Ability to embed active hyperlinks, YouTube videos, images and audio clips, Publish or syndicate issues, Share final digital editions and Solr Search function.

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